Welcome to the Global Assembly Wiki. This wiki has been designed to support people to engage with the Global Assembly’s process and contribute to it.

This Wiki has two primary purposes:

  • To provide a repository of the learning resources for the Global Assembly
  • To act as a participatory platform to support collaborative information generation

About the Global Assembly

The Global Assembly is a gathering of people from across the world to discuss the climate and ecological crisis.

The 2021 Global Assembly is a global citizens' assembly on the climate & ecological crisis, consisting of a 100- person Core Assembly (chosen by lottery and representing a snapshot of the population of the planet) and Community Assemblies that anyone can run anywhere using the Global Assembly's toolkit.

Around the time of the UN Climate Conference COP26, which will take place in Glasgow (UK) in November 2021, the Core and Community Assemblies will learn about and discuss the climate and ecological crisis. The Core Assembly will present their key messages at COP26, and the feedback from both Core and Community Assemblies will form a report that will be delivered to world leaders in March 2022.

This year, the Global Assembly will deliberate on the following question: “How can humanity address the climate and ecological crisis in a fair and effective way?”

More information about the Global Assembly and ways to get involved are available on globalassembly.org

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