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In this page, you will find resources that support people's learning journey to engage with the Global Assembly process. Those resources have been compiled by the Global Assembly team.

Supplemental workbooks

The supplemental workbooks will be used by people taking part in the Core Assembly to inform their deliberation on the climate and ecological crisis. They aim to provide exercises to enhance comprehension of the information booklet and to prepare for meaningful deliberation.

Animated PowerPoints

The purpose of the animated PowerPoints is to provide an alternative way to engage with some of the content in the information booklet.

As part of the learning and prototyping approach of the Global Assembly in 2021, two presentations have been created this year. They explore the “Green House Effect” and “Ecosystems and biodiversity”.

They have been developed by learning consultants David Goodwin and John Sullivan, in a way that allows for optimum accessibility in terms of language, cultural framing and educational background.

Please share your feedback on those resources on the discussion section of this page.

The Green House Effect

Title The Green House Effect
Credits Global Assembly
License CC 4.0 BY-SA
Video (MOV) English Audio Download File
Script (PDF) English Download File

Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Title Ecosystems & Biodiversity
Credits Global Assembly
License CC 4.0 BY-SA
Video (MOV) English Audio Download File
Script (PDF) English Download File

Cultural Wave Input

The cultural wave is an integral aspect of the Global Assembly. There can be many different ways for people to engage with the Global Assembly and with the issue of the climate and ecological crisis.

One of the most effective ways for the human population to engage, is through culture. People can come to understand how the Global Assembly works and the science of climate change, particularly the lived experiences of climate change, through art, music, poetry, story telling, fashion, film, dance and all other aspects of the arts.

For this reason the cultural wave has been developing relationships with artists in over 30 countries so far and the network is growing on a daily basis. The cultural wave website is the centre where all of these different creative responses are being posted and artists around the world are being invited to contribute. All of these creative expressions are being released on Creative Commons so that they are free to be shared and spread around the world without any restrictions.

As the cultural wave grows, awareness of the assembly can come into people’s lives through their favourite hip-hop artist in Senegal, their favourite soap opera in Brazil, through an inspiring animation made by teenagers in Seoul or a beautifully choreographed dance created in Beijing.

For artists to apply to contribute to the cultural wave, please do go to the website:

There will be careful specifications to follow so that artists can contribute in ways that are fitting with the overall values of the Global Assembly.


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